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The best part of a Moussa Dembele goal just might be the confusion it causes to Spurs fans

Moussa Dembele (the young one with two S's) scored twice in the first half of Fulham's Capital One Cup match. This caused confusion on the internet.

Jamie McDonald

It's really not that hard. One is French, the other is Belgian. One is a box to box midfielder, the other is a forward. One is 18 and the other is 27. One plays for Spurs and the other is still at Fulham. The only real confusion is that Mousa Dembele 1.0 was also once a Fulham player. And the fact that he isn't getting a lot of time at Spurs seems to make people think he is gone. So every time Moussa Dembele 2.0 does something good, hilariousness ensues.