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Khan appoints Kit Symons as the full time manager

At this point anything else would have been shocking.

Jamie McDonald

Shahid Khan did today what most people had been hoping for. He made Kit Symons the full time manager. I'm not sure any other option was really on the table. Kit has had the team playing well and to fire him would really hurt any momentum they have. I'm still not convinced 100% that he's the right man for the job long term, but managing a football club is hardly a long term occupation anymore. He's done more than enough to give him the chance to finish out the campaign. If he does the improbable and gets the team promoted, he can keep with it. If the team gets close, you can give him another year in the Championship. If they finish poorly you can reassess things at years end and possibly think about a replacement then.

Now it's time to move forward. The whole team needs to focus on Kit and support him. He needs a coaching staff. I'd hope they hire a director of football to help him out. We can all hope that this is the start of something great.