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Two minute highlights: Fulham vs. Middlesbrough

Another game I could watch. But here are the two minute highlights

I'm honestly not that upset with the result. The team didn't capitulate when they went down. They made positive changes and created some of the games best chances. With a few different bounces this could have been a draw or a Fulham win. Of course with a few bounces the other way it could have been much worse as well.

The only thing that truly frustrates me is on the clinching goal, someone makes a defensive error (I can't tell who in the video). The Middlesbrough player goes wide, cuts inside, and lays the ball off. He's being marked the whole way. But he then continues his run and the two Fulham players make a mess of following his run. The player previously marking him stopped and the new marker couldn't recover fast enough, leaving him a simple uncontested finish. Defending counters can be hard, especially when you've been dominating possession and have subbed off a defender. But this is something Kit is going to need to work on.