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What defines Success?

Different clubs and different supporters define success differently. How do you define it.

Harry Engels

An interesting question and debate which involves many supporters and football pundits alike is: what defines success? For many teams in the Premier league, reaching the Champions League for the following year is success. However, this can be problematic as some might say the owners are just in the club to make money, not for football reasons.

Arsenal are such an example. They have built a new stadium, but didn't win any silverware for many years, until last season's FA Cup. Some people make the point the owners just want to reach fourth sport to get money which comes from the Champions League.

Other teams are just happy to stay in the division, in other words to avoid relegation. It could be argued that in the first few seasons after Fulham won promotion, this was deemed success for most Fulham fans.

So this season what would be deemed success to most Fulham fans in the UK, and abroad? After starting the season in the bottom three in the Championship and no wins from the first eight games would just, being in mid table acceptable, with having a real push for promotion the following year. My perception is although slightly disappointed I need to be realistic, and maybe a playoff sport is a more realistic target.

While the Champions League and Premier League title are the priorities for most Premier League Clubs; I think a realistic target for Fulham is a long cup run, as Premier League clubs often rest their big name stars for these games. We have already reached the fourth round and have a winnable game at home to another Championship club in Derby County. Win that one and we are already through to the Quarter Finals. Anyone fancy a trip to the Capital Cup final at Wembley?