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Mixing it up, let's do six questions about Brentford

The long international break gave me time to ask more than three questions. In fact I contacted two different people and asked them three questions each.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

First up, the great people at Besotted Blog sat down for a Q&A with me. They're all great guys and I had fun. Especially when I got to answer their questions. Make sure to stop by there and read those as well.

Cottagers Confidential: So Brentford finds themselves in a playoff position. Has the start of the season gone just about as good as you could have hoped?

Besotted: Over all it has been a great start to the season – but nobody is getting carried away or overly expectant – and in total honesty, our League position is thoroughly deserved. Loyal Brentford fans have waited a generation for a team that promises as much as the current one – but I'm not sure ant Brentford team has played with so much attacking spirit and flair. Brentford are currently all that is good about football – exciting young players who attack, attack again, then attack some more. It won't always go our way, but any team who sits back and plays it cleaver will get unstuck.

CC: This Fulham team won't resemble the team that last visited in the League Cup. How much has Brentford changed since then?

Besotted: Brentford rested several first teamers too that night, which was a bit of an anti-climax if the truth be known – not just the result, but the atmosphere too. Fulham have provided so much fun and amusement to Bees fans in recent seasons though, so if we are to lose one game this season against you lot, that's the won to hand you!

CC: If Fulham could choose one player from Brentford, who would you least like it to be?

Besotted: We have several players who have stepped up the mark magnificently, but on recent form it would be a close call between Andre Gray and Toumani Diaguraga... Jota has been fantastic too… it does seem wrong to single players out though... team spirit is amazing.

Next up, I contacted Jacob Murtagh. He has covered Fulham as well as other football clubs professionally, and he now writes for the Trinity Mirror. He also just happens to be a Brentford supporter. That gives him extra special insight into the match

CC: Brentford and Fulham are only a few miles apart. As an American that kind of rivalry is completely unheard of for me. The closest rival for my local club is a three hour car ride away. How real is the rivalry? Is there any real animosity between the two sides or is it just harmless banter?

Jacob Murtagh: The rivalry has always been there but the clubs have been taken different paths in the past two decades. Fulham have been on the up since the sides last met in the league in 1998, while the Bees have been languishing in the lower divisions. However, the tides have now turned and the fans have renewed rivalries again.

CC: Brentford's season started about as well as anyone could have imagined. Fulham's season started worse than I thought possible, though they appear to have turned things around. If you had to guess which club do you think finishes higher at the end of the year.

JM: Brentford have made a storming start to the season and done better than anyone could imagine. They could go joint-second with victory tonight. However, they are yet to experience a bad run. The most important thing is they are still playing at this level by the time they move into their new stadium in a few years, which on recent performances suggests won't be a problem. However, I think Fulham will still finish higher, despite their disastrous start. They are in a false position in the table and will be in and around the top 10 if they continue their recent resurgence.

CC: As someone who's really familiar with both clubs, what's your favorite thing about each?

JM: The clubs are very similar and both family clubs. Both of them are very close to the fans and interaction between players and supporters is something you wouldn't get at a Man U or Chelsea. The clubs both try to make it affordable for fans to come and watch every week with ticket initiatives.