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Fulham vs. Brighton and Hove Albion Preview: Three questions with The Seagull Love Review

It's a holiday week in the United States. I'm filled with turkey, pie and way too much wine. I'm staying in today to avoid all the crazies out looking for Black Friday deals. Instead I'm talking with The Seagull Love Review about our Whites going to face Brighton.

Who could forget David Stockdale plays for Brighton? Me apparently.
Who could forget David Stockdale plays for Brighton? Me apparently.
Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Brighton & Hove Albion currently sit 20th, only out of the relegation zone on goal difference. Is the season progressing worse, better, or about the same as you expected?

The Seagull Love Review: Worse than expected. I think generally we knew that we didn't have the money or talent to mimic the previous 2 seasons but there was still a chance. The new manager has not particularly endeared himself to the fans and it's all a bit up and down at the moment, but there are signs of life. The grim thing is that we're at a point where the season looks like it will be either mid-table or relegation scrap, rather than being able to turn it around and make a dash for the play-offs. You get to a point and you realize, right, the third option, the good option, is not there anymore.

CC: Tell us about Sami Hyypiä. Fulham fans haven't really seen him manage, and only remember him as a Liverpool player. What kind of style has he brought to the club and do the supporters back him?

TSLR: Style? Erm, not sure there's any style anymore. We used to be stylish. He doesn't really get the fans going and he hasn't got the results. It's not just him though, it's the whole set-up at the club. Some rubbish signings in the summer, injuries to key players, loads of loan players, lots of players under performing. It's a little bit rocky but I have a hunch he'll get some results and that will lift the mood. In the meantime, he is making some changes to tactics and we're showing a little bit of chutzpah again. The fans are split half and half I would think. In terms of backing Hyypia I mean.

CC: Darren Bent? Really, Darren Bent. I'd send my condolences, but there's a slight chance you're happy to have him. What do the supporters think of that move.

TSLR: Well that gives me lots of confidence. I suppose we need to remember what he meant to Fulham last season compared to what he will bring us in this division this season. There's a hefty gulf in quality and we're clinging on to that. He is actually what we need, in theory, a tall strong traditional striker. Lazy but with some class and experience. Can I say fox in the box? Is that still a thing? We'll just have to see what mood he is in and whether he fancies it or not. It is nice and relaxed down here and I'm sure there'll be lots of "a great bunch of lads" soundbites to look forward to. Our returning hero Elliot Bennett who is on loan from Norwich is the loan signing we're most looking forward to seeing get back to form for us. Bent is a bonus though.

CC: Finally, if you could, predict a score and lineup.

TSLR: Big crowd at The Amex, nice trip for you guys who will be in good voice I hope. Blimey when was last Fulham trip to Brighton? Mid-90s? I think we'll win but you'll be the better team.

Bruno Greer Dunk Bennett (Joe)
LuaLua Bennett (Elliot) Forster-Caskey Gardner
Colunga Baldock