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Thrice Champions stops by to answer questions about Huddersfield Town

Fulham haven't played Huddersfield since 2001. The only player on their squad I've ever seen play is Grant Holt. So I had questions. Thrice Champions were kind enough to answer them.

Laurence Griffiths

Cottagers Confidential: Fulham haven't played Huddersfield since 2001. That was before I was even following the club. What do Huddersfield supporters think about Fulham?

Thrice Champions: Fulham, the club who in 2000 denied us a play-off place after our former manager scored against us.That's what many will say.

As for now. Well there's some who will say that Fulham are now a laughing stock following Magath and the cheese incident. Most will say plucky small London club (in regards to the bigger teams) who did things right under Al-Fayed and the bubble burst following the end of the stability of his reign. There's nothing but respect in my eyes.

CC: Huddersfield Town currently sit 15th. They finished 17th last year. What kind of finish do fans expect from them?

TC: 15th would be great,especially following the catastrophic start to the year. Chris Powell though has come in and done a fantastic rebuilding job and we are playing good football at times, look fairly solid at the back and dangerous on the counter. We're competing in this division and that's all that matters.

Following our recent run and a tight game at Derby which we lost there is no reason we can't finish top half. In this division you're only a good run away from the play-offs and a bad one away from relegation so a bit higher up the league than last season is good progress.

CC: Who are the most dangerous players on the team? Conversely if there was one Fulham player you could have, who would he be?

TC: Grant Holt is a handful and Nahki Wells can be an enigma up front whilst still being rough around the edges. However, Jacob Butterfield and Conor Coady in the engine room are the two stand out players. If they can get sometimeand space they can control the game.

If we could have one player well that simply would be Bryan Ruiz. Very surprising that nobody snapped him up this summer.