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Three Questions: We talk Leeds vs Fulham with Through It All Together

I hate to say away games are must wins, but after last week, Fulham really need a result in this match. I talked with Thomas Hill of Through It All Together about Leeds and this upcoming match. Be sure to head over there to check out the reverse.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: There seemed to be A LOT of animosity towards Ross McCormack, Fulham, and the entire saga behind the move. How do fans feel about it now?

Through It All Together: What some fans from other clubs forget is we've had this for 10 years now. Our best players leaving every single window. Once again we got hooked in and thought it would be different with Ross but it wasn't. I think a lot were let down again by failed promises but at the same time you paid a ridiculous fee for him. In the end I was happy with the deal. We got probably double his value but he's a great player. I won't be booing him on Saturday put it that way he did everything he could for us and if circumstances were different with managers and owners he may have stayed.

CC: What's actually going on with Massimo Cellino? Is this going to be resolved anytime soon?

TIAT: Who knows. We're crying out for a stable owner who just gets the job done and gets us out of this mess. It's not as easy as that of course. At the moment he is reportedly going to stand down to appeal the Football League's decision but their ban only lasts until March. Let's hope we can still be doing well on the pitch by then as things could get really messy...once again.

CC: If you could poach one Fulham player (besides McCormack) who would it be and why?

TIAT: Probably Bryan Ruiz. We could do with someone who can create from the middle and can also score a goal or two from midfield.

CC: Predicted lineup and score?

TIAT: We will probably go with Silvestri, Byram, Cooper, Belluschi (if fit) , Warnock, Bianchi, Cook, Mowatt, Adryan, Doukara and Antenucci. We got battered last week so that may change Sharp or Austin might get a run out. Socreline...2-1 Leeds.