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Leeds boss Neil Redfearn is not so gracious in defeat to Fulham

If you ever find yourself starting a sentence with the words "No offense," odds are quite good that your next words are going to be quite offensive.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Apparently Mr. Redfearn either didn't know this, or doesn't mind disparaging Fulham. It seems he must have looked at the table, seen Leeds on top of Fulham (by only one point, but still), and assumed they were the better team. They even had a better goal differential after all (only by three goals, but still!). Is there any other reason he'd say something like this?

No disrespect to Fulham, but really we should be beating teams like Fulham down here.

Let's ignore his questionable knowledge of geography (Fulham being south of Leeds, therefore up here would be the more proper phrasing to use). Fulham and Leeds were fairly equal in points and goal differential going into the match. But that simply ignores the fact that Fulham started with one point in seven games and a -12 goal difference (Thanks Felix!). Kit's squad had a positive goal difference (even after the drubbing by Watford) and had been playing at a playoff pace.

I can only assume that he's trying to placate the supporters. I hope he honestly doesn't feel that Leeds United is actually such a better team than Fulham that a win should be guaranteed. If he does, I'm sorry for Leeds' supporters as the manager might be delusional.