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Championship News: New TV deal and transfer embargoes

The league signs a new TV deal with Channel 5 that keeps getting the clubs money and on highlight packages before match of the day. Unfortunately, a couple clubs might not be able to spend the new funds.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

First, Channel 5 has signed a three year deal to show a highlight package from the Football League for 90 minutes before airings of Match of the Day. More money for the clubs in the Championship is always good, and though there's still hope that Fulham can get out, the most likely result is at least one more year in this division.

Almost more important than the money though is the availability of highlights. As I've found this year, seeing games in the Championship can be hard. With more money and more cameras, there will be more chances to see the games. I look forward to not searching for shaky vines and/or waiting for Fulham to post replays.

Most of the clubs are probably celebrating that announcement, however Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, and Blackburn Rovers got some decidedly worse news. All three were handed transfer bans for the January window for failing to live up to the Financial Fair Play regulations.

I hate to cheer on the failure of other clubs, but with Blackburn and Forest both being ahead of Fulham in the table, it can only help Fulham's prospects of climbing up into a playoff spot this year. It also illustrates how important Shahid Khan's plan of sustainability is and how desirable it is to have an academy that can crank out first team players.