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Ross McCormack shows how you can win with grace

Ross McCormack was asked a lot of question following Fulham's 1-0 victory at Leeds. I can't imagine a player handling a situation with as more grace and tact as he showed.

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

We already discussed Leeds United boss Neil Redfearn's comments after the Fulham match. They stand a stark contrast to the kind of interview that Ross McCormack gave to the Yorkshire Evening Post after the match. He didn't berate the fans for the response they gave him, even though he easily could have done so:

"It didn’t hurt. I expected it for the way I left. The way I left wasn’t the best. It would have been nice to come back and for it be like old times but that was never going to happen. It’s sad because personally I had a good season last season but that’s the way it was going to be. At the end I walked around and applauded the fans and the vast majority were great."

He also explained his decision to leave in terms almost anyone can understand:

"I happened to be the one who someone came in and paid big money for and let’s be honest, you can’t turn that down. I can’t and the club can’t. That’s football. But even after the way I left, the club still means a lot to me. They gave me a chance when it wasn’t happening for me at Cardiff. It’s a special place and as I said when I left, I’ll always be a fan. Whether as a player you never know but definitely later on in life, I’ll be back."

Ross also refused to throw any Leeds player or their manager under the bus

"They’re definitely going in the right direction. You can see it with the senior lads like Stevie Warnock who’s getting a new lease of life and really happy.

I thought Leeds were good. Sometimes in football things don’t happen and they’re going to get games like that. But with the support here they’ll be all right."

Ross McCormack has impressed me a lot with his play this year, but this interview made me respect his class off the pitch almost as much.