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Fulham players break down their favorite parts of Christmas, we break down the insanity

These videos demand watching and then watching again. They're extremely weird. Let's take a closer look.

First the players talk about their favorite parts of Christmas. Simple enough right?

Oh my, this video is insane. It demands further discussion. They aren't fooling around. Cauley Woodrow starts things off wearing something crazy.

christmas youtube 2

I don't even know what his favorite part of Christmas is. I can only look at those glasses. Yet somehow he's acting like this is a normal interview.

Is that Dan Burn behind the beard? He can't even look at the camera. But really, can you blame him?

christmas youtube 3

A deer in the headlights? That was my first reaction too. But it's just Emerson Hyndman in some reindeer antlers. The poor kid is so freaked out he's talking a million miles an hour.

christmas youtube 4

Patrick Roberts seems to know he's too cool for all this as he explains his mom's roast dinner. If I had his talent and was 17, I'd probably feel too cool for it as well. He could do with eating a few more of those dinners though. He needs to get bigger and stronger to keep getting first team minutes.

christmas youtube 5

And here comes Captain Scott Parker. Instead of looking like his usual fighter pilot, he looks like he's everyone's dad. Of course then he has to talk about his kids, just strengthening the illusion. When I watch the video now I think about some weird 80's sitcom where Scott Parker is the dad to all these kids living in a giant house. Of course hijinks will ensue. To be fair, I'd totally watch that.

christmas youtube 6

Perhaps those hijinks involve Christmas Dinner? We can only watch the second video to find out.

Once again we have a lot to unpack here. Mostly you get the answers you'd expect. Yorkshire pudding, desserts, all the usual stuff. But then it goes off the rails. Shaun Hutchinson professes a love for pigs in a blanket. Dan Burn is very confused by this. I know Scottish food has a reputation for being bad, but is that really a common item for Christmas Dinner?

christmas youtube 7

I only hope you were as entertained by all of that as I was