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Fulham willing to listen to offers for Marcello Trotta

In a move that should surprise no one, Kit Symons admits that the club will be looking to move the young striker in January.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Marcello Trotta is interesting. It seems he's been around forever, but he's still only 22. However, there have now been four straight Fulham managers who don't seem to rate him. At some point, you have to accept the evidence that he's just not good enough. Symons was polite in his words, but the message is pretty clear:

Marcello is someone I know very well. He’s a good character and a good person.

We would judge each individual case on its merits as it arises. We would look to do the right thing for all parties.

Notice he doesn't say that Marcello is a great talent or a good player. Trotta may have simply hit a wall in his development. He might simply not be good enough for the Championship. It's disappointing, but not rare. Just as there are players who are good enough for the Championship but not the premier league, there are players who are good enough for League One, but can't really cut it in the Championship. He's scored at a fine rate (more than one goal every three games) in his time in League One, but no manager above that level seemed to rate him.

It's always sad to see a player who was once a young prospect leave the club. Though in this situation, I don't expect t regret it years down the line like you might with someone like Kerim Frei or Pajtim Kasami. Transfrmarkt currently lists his value at just over £500K. If Fulham can secure even close to that, they need to do it. They're going to need to strengthen in this window (especially at Fullback) and every bit of extra money they can spend will help out.