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Three Questions with We Ain't Got No History

Graham Macaree, overlord of soccer here at SB Nation, is also the manager of the behomoth that is We Ain't Got No History, took some time to answer my questions.

Clint Hughes

CC: Chelsea is seeming to have a great season while Fulham has been a dumpster fire lately. Is there any hope you can give a Fulham fan going into this match? Does Chelsea have a weakness that can be exploited?

We Ain't Got No History: Sometimes we have a habit of beating ourselves. As Galatasaray showed, no matter how poorly you play against Chelsea, they're rarely clinical enough to build an insurmountable lead, and once you start putting them under sustained pressure they find it difficult to extract themselves. The bad news, so far as Fulham are concerned, is that Nemanja Matic is available for Chelsea, and he's extremely good at making sure the Blues stay in control.

I wouldn't expect a great deal, but there's always the chance of a random Chelsea meltdown.

CC: Chelsea is still alive for both the Champions League and Premier League titles. Which do you think they're more likely to win? As a fan which would you prefer to win?

WAGNH: I'd rather win the Premier League. The Champions League is great, but we've won it more recently than we have the PL, and the latter trophy is a reward for sustained excellence, something we haven't displayed in years. The Premier League is more likely as well -- we can fluke our way past Europe's biggest teams, but as Manchester City and Arsenal are showing it's not particularly likely.

CC: How do Chelsea fans actually feel about Fulham? The proximity should make the two clubs bitter rivals, but rivalry actually requires the clubs to be competitive.

WAGNH: I don't think there's really ever been any point at which the clubs have been competitive in any real sense of the word. Sometimes Fulham pull off an annoying result against us, but there's never been any desperate desire to beat the Cottagers to prove any sort of point. Chelsea are the better team and everyone knows it, local derby or no, and it's hard to get an intense rivalry out of that. At best, it'll be extraordinarily one-way.