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Three Questions With Coming Home Newcastle

Newcastle is just playing out the season. Perhaps Fulham can get a win and prolong our suffering a bit. I sat down with Coming Home Newcastle to preview this week's fixture.

Tony Marshall

CC: So Alan Pardew is making headlines again. What do the supporters actually think of him and this most recent behavior?

Coming Home Newcastle: Most of the supporters don't like him. They feel that he is holding a group of talented players back more than he is elevating the team to mid-table. He often plays negative tactics and has made some rather unpopular personnel choices in the past, which only adds to the frustration. Unfortunately, the headbutt wasn't the first time we've seen him commit an act of violence on the touchline. You may recall that he was suspended at the beginning of last season for shoving the fourth official, and he's also no stranger to mild dustups with the opposing manager. A lot of people thought he might lose his job for this most recent incident, but the truth is that he's only in the second year of an 8-year contract - one that penny-pincher Mike Ashley is not going to let him out of any time soon.

CC: Newcastle already are safe. What are the goals for the rest of the season?

CHN: To miss qualifying for Europe. Alan Pardew made no secret of his distaste for the compressed fixture list last year due to the club's participation in the Europa League. (#tiredbodies) The truth is that there is not enough depth for the team to compete in an extra competition, which is extremely frustrating. Basically, the season is over, and we're playing out the string. Time to put players in the shop window and maybe see what we have out of a few youngsters (though I don't expect any of them to play this week).

CC: I'm resigned to Fulham going down. Since Newcastle recently were relegated, what advice can you give to a fan who's never actually experienced it?

CHN: Realize that several players that you think are Fulham through-and-through are going to leave as soon as they get a chance.

Be grateful to the ones that stay.

Find a reliable streaming site.

Don't give in to the temptation to fight with other Fulham fans - you support the same team!

Don't listen to any of the fans from other teams. The ones that enjoy sticking it to relegated teams are the ones not worth interacting with in the first place.

The Championship can be a scary place - many teams take the drop and never come back. However, if the team can band together and stay at the top of the table, it can turn into a very fun season.

I hope that by some miracle you guys can turn it around and survive. Best of luck!