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Fulham Are Not Dead Just Yet

The table does not lie, and Fulham are in serious danger of being relegated. However, the points are still there to stay up, so Fulham are not dead just yet.

Shaun Botterill

It is always tough to watch the club you follow lose in a match that felt like they desperately needed to win. However, this loss was not the one that sends them down to the Championship.

In fact, we still have several matches to ultimately determine the fate of the club. A loss against Everton hurts, but there are positives to take out of it. First, Everton was the hardest opponent left for this season. The Spurs match at White Hart Lane is difficult, but just remember that Fulham won there last season, so it is still possible for an upset there.

Second, we saw a team that was up for the fight, and honestly looked like the better side in the first half. I saw the determination, and the effort against Everton that will be needed the rest of the way.

Lastly, many fans saw the emotion of the players after the match, who gave it there all, and seemed pretty upset about the loss. The players that were on the pitch, I feel care about this club, so you know you will be getting their maximum effort the rest of the way.

Moving forward I truly feel the fight and determination is there to survive. It is up to the players now to make it happen in these six matches.

I am going to start by looking at these matches. All the home matches are winnable with the opponents being Norwich, Hull, and Crystal Palace. If Fulham do not win all three, they don't deserve to stay in the league.

Next, Fulham go on the road to face two teams they have already beaten in Aston Villa and Stoke. I already mentioned Spurs, and who knows what to expect from that team. If Fulham cannot at least win one of these three road matches, they do not deserve to stay in the league.

Now, if you look at the table, and the clubs that are still in danger, there is much work to be done for them to stay up. Do you feel safe if you are a fan of Norwich who are currently in fifteenth place? You really shouldn't because they have a winnable match this weekend, but then they have Fulham, and four very tough matches that could see them easily lose all of them. At 32 points Norwich are not safe.

Crystal Palace in sixteenth place is certainly not safe at 31 points, and West Brom in seventeenth place has tough fixtures coming up as well, and they just have 29 points. The other clubs in the relegation zone now could dig their way out, but again they have much work to do.

The battle to survive relegation is on, and many clubs are far from safe.I feel Fulham have to win at least four matches to give themselves a chance, and the points are there for them to stay up.

If you think I am delusional, were you saying that six years ago when Fulham won four out of their last five for The Great Escape? It will take a sequel to keep them in the league, but even now it is still possible. Fulham are not dead just yet.

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