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This Supporter Doesn't Believe Any Longer

After the Cardiff match, I can't see anyway the club stays up. There could be a miracle, stranger things have happened; but I don't have any expectations of it. I won't bore you with a recap. I want to lay out my thoughts on how to move forward

Christopher Lee

Having no expectations of Premier league Football next year leaves me struggling with what to do. I'm still going to support the team through the rest of the season. I may be far away and have no tangible connection to the club, but the years I've spent with them in my life are important to me. I can't just throw that away. I'm going to savor the last games of this season. Fulham is in the Premier League right now, and it may be a long time before we see the club play Premier League football again. There are still nine games left to enjoy. Hopefully with the pressure off and their fate accepted, we can just enjoy the football.

I'm still planning on attending two games in London this season. It may be the only time I get to see them in the Premier League in person. I'm going to count myself lucky that I got that opportunity. There are many Fulham fans around the world who might never get that opportunity.

I'm going to look the future. Fulham's academy is strong. They have a great base of young players and it's possible that those players shine in the Championship and bring the club back up quickly.

I'm going to enjoy mornings listening to Gentleman Jim. As a US based supporter, finding any video of the Championship can be very hard. But I'll always have Gentleman Jim.

I'm not going to throw my allegiance behind another Premier League club. Like most of you, I do have a second favorite club. When they aren't playing Fulham, I like for them to do well. I love watching football, and I watch most of the Premier League games that air here anyway, and I'll probably watch more of their matches in the future. But you won't see me wearing their kit, or following them obsessively. I already have an English\  team to support, I don't need another.

I'm also going to continue writing and covering the team here as long as SB Nation will have me. It may be harder, you'll probably see less three questions posts. But I love the community here and want to stay in contact with all the other Fulham fans I've met, even if I've ever seen few of them in person. Hopefully you all stick around too.