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Fulham For Life

This has been a very disappointing season, and the loss yesterday was an extremely hard one to take. However, I am not going anywhere, and I am "Fulham For Life".

My Trip To Craven Cottage
My Trip To Craven Cottage
Russ Goldman

Last week I wrote a story about Clint Dempsey, and how he brought me to Fulham. In this article I want to talk about why I am with Fulham until the day I die.

After the loss yesterday, I went to the twitter page of my show Cottage Talk, and noticed a tweet that was very critical of me. In the tweet it mentioned that I guaranteed that Fulham would stay up, and that I had only seen Fulham play live once. It went on to mention with a swear that basically Yanks don't know much about football.

I can tell you that no tweet I have ever gotten on twitter hurt me more than that one. I have had twitter abuse that has been extremely bad, but this tweet was questioning my knowledge as a supporter, and also my commitment because I have only seen Fulham play live once.

I am not going to pretend and tell you that I have been a Fulham supporter my entire life, because that is not true. I have been a fan for seven years, and in that time made an effort to learn as much as I could about the club, but also the game of football. I didn't grow up as a fan of football, but took to it later in life, and wanted to find a club to call my own, and that club is Fulham.

After the Great Escape, I really threw myself into the club and started a blog. I was then contacted by SB Nation to become the editor of this website Cottagers Confidential. I consumed myself with Fulham and the website, and eventually left the job as editor, because I actually spent too much time on both the club and the website.

A few years later, I was contacted by Kyle Bonn, who is now a writer for ProSoccerTalk to discuss the potential of the two of us doing a Fulham podcast together. Cottage Talk was born during that first conversation, and it has been a passion of mine ever since.

My knowledge of the game has grown a huge amount since I first started watching Fulham. The one great feature of the show Cottage Talk is that we talk about tactics and analyze the performances each and every week. I have surrounded myself with co-hosts that know the game, but they have helped me grow as a fan of the game and Fulham.

I grew up with American Football being my first love of sports, but football now is equal to that and Fulham Football Club is the reason for that. I am not going to apologize for not living in West London, because a part of me wishes I did, but the passion for the team is just as much as any other Fulham supporter.

I will continue to host Cottage Talk, and try to bring the best coverage I can from the perspective of a supporter. Fulham could be in the Championship next season, and that is not going to change me from supporting Fulham. I am in this for the long haul. I am "Fulham For Life".