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Even A Relegated Team Has Players of the Year, Cottagers Confidential Community Picks

The Cottagers Confidential staff decided on our players of the year. But you've had your say as well. More than 120 community members cast a vote and here's what they decided on.

Clive Rose

Defender of the Year

Top Vote-getters: David Stockdale (36%), Kieran Richardson (18%), No One Deserving (15%)

You're picks here are similar to our own. If there's any surprise at all it's that Fernando Amorebieta didn't recieve a single vote. The statistical case for him must have fallen on deaf ears as Philipe Senderos, Eslad Zverotic, and John Arne Riise all recieved more votes.

That being said, Stockdale is a worthy choice. Congratulations to him and here's hoping he has a strong campaign with Fulham next season.


Player of the Year

Top Vote-getters: Steve Sidwell (50%), Cauley Woodrow (28%), Ashkan Dejagah (10%)

Not much of a surprise here. Steve Sidwell is a popular player. He led the team in scoring. He always played hard. He was the second favorite pick of our staff. What is surprising is how this was basically a three horse race. No other player received more than four votes. I would have pegged Kieran Richardson to get more love, but instead the community was high on young Woodrow.

We may be saying goodbye to Mr. Sidwell, but we'll always have this season. I'll remember singing about the Ginger Iniesta for the rest of my life. Congratulations to him, he was a worthy winner of the award.


Young Player of the Year

Top Vote-getters: Cauley Woodrow (51%), Patrick Roberts (17%), Dan Burn (12%), Pajtim Kasami (11%)

This is the award that most closely followed our editoral selections. More than half of you though Cauley Woodrow was the young player of the year. Not at all surprising since 28% of you thought he was also player of the year. Patrick Roberts and Dan Burn were also showed some love. If there was a surprising result, it would be Pajtim Kasami close on Burn's heals. I'm not very confident he'll be back next year, and I'm not sure how much he cared about the club near the end.

I'm very happy Cauley Woodrow won this. I'm excited to see what he can do for Fulham next year. I'm hoping he spends most of the time in the first team.


So those are your players of the year. Want to argue for someone else? Explain your vote? Sound off in the comments. And please if you voted for Senderos, I'd love to hear why.