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More Goals of the Year for Fulham, Youngster Edition

The Pajtim Kasami goal may have been picked by NBC Sports as goal of the Season, but the other two Fulham squads also had impressive goals.

In their matchup against Tottenham Hotspur, the U18's scored one of the best team goals you'll ever see. The finish is good but not spectacular. However, the build up as it only takes six passes to go from box to box is esquisate. The final back heel pass is a think of beauty before Solomon Sambou slots it home

The U21's also had a goal voted goal of the year. This time, the finish is more what you would expect from a goal of the year. A half volley from outside the box at an unbelievably tough angle. Alex Brister may be one to watch for the future after his successful loan spell at FC Honka.