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Members Of The Fulham 12th Man Are My Heroes

A hero for me is someone that inspires you or you look up to. It could be a policeman, fireman, someone in the military, a teacher, or a parent. For me my heroes are the people that make up the Fulham 12th Man.

Jamie McDonald

This season has been extremely difficult for Fulham, and unfortunately yesterday the club was relegated after their 4-1 loss to Stoke City. Yesterday was a very hard day, but my thoughts are with all the great people that make up the Fulham 12th Man.

Members of this group are made up of two parts, and I am going to start with the supporters. Each and every week, they have supported this club with heart and soul. I could hear and see them on television from my house all the way in the United States. These supporters are there through the good times and the bad.

Yesterday, I heard them loud and clear which was so wonderful to hear their sound. My heart goes out to all that were at the Britannia Stadium that witnessed Fulham getting releageted. The support of these fans I feel cannot be matched anywhere.

It saddened me to learn that a good friend of mine was in tears aftere the match. She cares so much about the club, and wears her heart on her sleeve. I was thinking of her, and the many others right after this match, because they are a part of my extended family.

I have seen on social media the fears that this Fulham 12th Man will get smaller in numbers, and I don't see that happening at all. This group is very strong, and will continue to support this club.

I saw the power of the Fulham 12th Man when I went to my one and only Fulham match in person. I was at Reading for a thrilling 3-3 draw last season. It was a great match, but what made it for me was the Fulham 12th Man, as I felt I was among family.

The supporters were tremendous this entire season at home and away. Fulham supporters do get criticism for not traveling well to away matches. For those who criticize the supporters, please take in consideration the horiffic road record for Fulham, along with the price of tickets as huge factors for the attendance in some away matches.

If you want to talk about away support, talk about the last three away matches for the Fulham 12th Man. They were a difference in each of these matches regardless of the result.

The second part of the Fulham 12th Man are all the wonderful people behind the scenes of Fulham Football Club. They care deeply for this club, and it is more than just a job for them. I follow many of them on twitter, and fortunate to call several of them friends. They deserve recognition for what they do, and they are Sarah Brookes, Katie Holmes, Sam Green, Geoff Pruce, Carmelo Misfud, Nicola Walworth, and of course Robert Ordever. There are others behind the scenes as well that make up the Fulham 12th Man.

So, what gives me hope for the future are all these wonderful people that I know will continue to support Fulham Football Club. I cannot be there in person each and every week, but I know that the Fulham 12th man will be there, and they give me serious hope for the future.