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The Seasons Over, but There's One Match Left - Three Questions About Crystal Palace

I sad down with Harry Fairman to discuss Palace and how their season was so much better than Fulham's.

Clive Rose

Cottagers Confidential: I never enjoyed watching Stoke, but I always respected what Tony Pulis was doing there. He knew how to win with less and trouble much bigger and better teams. Some how he's worked magic at Crystal Palace. The style doesn't seem quite the same as at Stoke though. Can you explain exactly how he's done it?

The 1905: You are right in saying that the style that he has chosen at Palace is much different to the set-up he had at Stoke. It’s a mark of a great manager if you can come in and get the best out of a side, without having to play in a particular way. Palace have been happy to sit back and defend resolutely, whilst breaking with pace on the counter attack as soon as we win the ball. Tony has obviously evaluated the players and decided the best team, and it sure has worked!

CC: Fulham are going down, they're likely to lose a few players. Is there anyone on this Fulham squad you'd like Palace to target? If not, what kind of spending do you think Palace will do and what positions need improving.

1905: Fulham do have some good players amongst their ranks, with some older veterans such as Riise and younger players like Burns at your disposal. Pulis has already stated that he would like to spend in the region of £30 million over the summer, to strengthen and solidify the squad. Personally the one Fulham player who I would have in my team would be Steve Sidwell, who has been a stand out player in the Fulham ranks over the past season. In terms of strengthening, Palace should be looking at a new left-back, central midfielder, a winger and a goalscoring striker such as Jordan Rhodes.

CC: There are quite a few Fulham supporters who either are too young to remember the Championship, or didn't start following the team until they were fairly secure in the Premier League. Since Palace has some recent experience in that division is there any advice you can give to a supporter of a club down there? How difficult is securing promotion?

1905: The Championship is a tough league, no doubt about it. There are a wide mixture of clubs down there, from big spending teams such as QPR and Leicester to those with less money such as Huddersfield. The majority of clubs down there have spent periods up in the top division, such as Leeds, Middlesbrough and Birmingham, so it will be tough. The football is exciting, as anyone can beat anyone, but if you get the right balance then promotion could easily be obtained by Fulham.

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