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Pajtim Kasami Leaving Fulham, Heading to Olympiacos

It's no surprise Kasami is on the way out. He's good enough to play in a better league. Young enough to be valuable. And didn't seem to have a desire to play in the Championship.

Julian Finney

The Daily Mail reported it late last week, and now it seems an announcement is imminent. Pajtim Kasami is on the way to Olympiacos.

This wasn't unexpected. He was a player that we expected to leave in our off season plan. It does leave a hole to be filled. Central midfield along with fullback are the two positions where the squad is looking thin. Kasami was a player that was strong enough to play the box to box role in the middle of the pitch. Though, he was never used there; so perhaps he wasn't as capable as I hoped.

What do you think about Kasami leaving? Fine with? Ok for the right price? Fell he should have been kept? Sound off here.