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Adam Taggart Signs With Fulham

We just brought up Taggart in the last rumors thread and now it's come true. What do we expect? What does this mean?

Cameron Spencer

The club announced today the signing of Adam Taggart from the Newcastle Jets of the A-League. We previously listed him as a player the club was rumored to be interested in. Taggart is a 21 year old striker who has great success in the league. From what little I saw in the World Cup he looks like he's an extremely fast player who will bring an element that the club has lacked. With this rumor coming true I might put more stock in his Australia team mate Jason Davidson also joining the club.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how good he really is. I believe the quality of the A-League is somewhere less than MLS. MLS is about the same level as the Championship. Does that mean the A-League is about as good as League One? If so how excited would you be to sign a player that scored 16 goals in League One? Since the A-League season is much shorter, you could even say that would be the equivalent of 27 goals in League One. That doesn't sound too bad, but I have no idea how his skills will translate.

As for the how he fits into the squad, the team now has four strikers age 21 and younger: Moussa Dembele, Cauley Woodrow, Marcello Trotta, and Adam Taggart. I can't see all four being with the club next year, especially if Hugo Rodallega sticks around and another experienced forward joins them. If I had to guess, this move probably spells the end for Trotta. He seems to want to go, and so far none of the coaches have rated him that highly.

What does everyone else think? Has anyone seen him play a lot? Does anyone have more knowledge of the A-League?