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Reports: Sascha Riether heading to Freiburg

As a surprise to few, Sascha Riether looks to be leaving the club.

Boris Streubel

In Part 1 of our offseason plan, we identified Sascha Riether as a player who would most likely be leaving. Reports in Kicker and this tweet from Bild seem to report that he will be signing a contract with Freiburg today:

This does leave the club very thin at right back however. Eslad Zverotic is the only senior right back left with Josh Passley being the most likely player to back him up. We've already talked about the lack of depth on the left, and with the rumors of Kieran Richardson heading to West Brom, Fulham will be even thinner. That might see an opportunity for Sean Kavanagh to step up on the left. Still, I don't think you can count on both young full backs making a leap at the same time. I'd love to the rumors of Jason Davidson come true. He's also young, but he does at least have first team experience.

I'm a little sad to see Riether go. I quite liked him as a player, especially in the 2012/2013 season. However, last season was pretty poor, and he's simply not getting any younger. I doubt that there was much of any fee involved, but just getting a high salary off the books could pay for the transfer of a player like Davidson.