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Fulham Reveal Teaser of New Kit, But is This the Real One?

Fulham "unveiled" the new kit today. Unfortunately it's run through a grey scale filter and then was touched up with orange highlights. Many questions remain, and reactions have been mixed.

Here are the images that the club released. It's hard to tell exactly what you're looking at due to the filters, but the orange trim has caused some reaction.

The biggest reaction seems to be to the orange trim. It's not traditionally a Fulham color, though kits the last two years have featured orange on them. It's also a very Adidas thing to do. Just do a Google search for Radiant Green, Solar Slime, Glow Orange, Super Cyan, or Electricity Yellow. Adidas very much likes to use funky bright colors if they can.

However, how bright and orange are they really? In this leaked picture without a filter, the highlights seem to be a more in between shade than straight bright orange. Perhaps a scarlet or vermilion. That doesn't quite match the true red or crimson on the badge, but it's not quite as jarring.

The vertical stripes are also a little more prevalent than in the filtered image, more of a light gray. In my opinion this is better than any of the Kappa kits. I also like it better than last year's home and third kit. But I still think last year's away kit is much better and I'm happy to see that is sticking around as a third kit. This also leads to the question of what the away kit would look like. If I had to guess, it would be black as that would be a nice contrast to the two kits that are already there and would be a bit more traditional.

What do you think of the shirt? Is it something you are interested in buying? I already have four Fulham shirts, and don't know if I can justify another but how do you feel?