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Come to a pre-game meetup for Fulham fans before the D.C. friendly in Jacksonville

The First Coast Syndicate and Fulham in Florida are hosting a meetup of Fulham fans at the Jacksonville Sports Tavern before the friendly with D.C. United.

Sam Greenwood

If you're like me an you live in the United States, it can be hard to find other Fulham fans. If I watch a game at pub, I'm usually surrounded by people wearing shirts from all the bigger sides. They're mostly friendly, and often confide that Fulham is their second favorite club, but it's not the same as having actual supporters to watch with.

An event like this provides a unique opportunity. You can meet other Fulham fans. Maybe connect to some that live locally to you. You can also meet members of the First Coast Syndicate. As a member of an independent supporters group for my local team, I very much feel that supporters groups like that are instrumental for growing the league in this country. Hopefully seeing them in action might convince you to join them, or the group most local to you. Because one of the ways to get more Fulham fans in the US, is simply to make more soccer fans in general.

I can't be there myself, but if you have any ability to get there, I really suggest you take it. Here's all the info you need for the event:

Fulham/D.C. United pregame meet-up