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A Special Day To Be A Fulham Supporter In Jacksonville

I have waited a long time to see Fulham play in the United States, and the dream became a reality today as Fulham defeated D.C. United 3-0 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville. However, the experience was much more than just seeing a match.

Christopher Lee

I had the opportunity earlier in the day to go to a Meet Up that was arranged by Matt Chantry who is in charge of Fulham In Florida. This was a special event as I got to meet Fulham supporters from around the U.S. and England. To have this opportunity to meet so many supporters is something I will never forget.

What made the event extra special was the arrival of the Fulham owner Shahid Khan. It was great to see him spending time to talk and take pictures with supporters.

I also enjoyed hearing all of the stories of how the fans became supporters, and there thoughts on the upcoming season. Fulham are definitely a family, and it really showed itself today in Jacksonville.

The match itself was highlighted with a hat trick by Moussa Dembele, but there was much more to this victory than his accomplishment. Emerson Hyndman stood out for me with his passing in central midfield. Also, goalkeeper Jesse Joronen shined with some very key saves.

Again, we saw the 4-4-2 diamond formation from Fulham which at times worked very nicely, as you saw the fullbacks getting involved with some nice crosses. Overall, it was not a perfect performance, but it was just another positive step in the pre-season for Fulham.

Today was a day to remember as I met many supporters and watched a 3-0 Fulham victory. Now that is what I call a successful day.