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Ashkan Dejagah departs Fulham for Qatar

This move has been rumored to be in the works for a few days, but is finally confirmed now. Dejagah is a great player, but how great is his loss?

Christopher Lee

Fulham have confirmed the move of Ashkan Dejagah to Al-Arabia in Qatar on an undisclosed fee. On the surface, this seems like a weird move. If Dejagah's main concern with the Championship was that it wasn't competitive enough, why move on to a league like the Qatar Stars League? Well if the rumors are correct, a £100K/week salary could be a very good reason. Not to mention the £5M Fulham are said to have gained for the sale.

Dejagah was a very good player for the club last year. In fact, Fulham's troubles really started when he got hurt against QPR in 2012/13. He also just played very well in the World Cup. On the surface this seems like a move that would weaken Fulham greatly. However, there is reason to wonder if that is the case.

Dejagah is a winger. While he could play as a second forward, he's most useful as a wide player in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. Fulham so far under Magath though seem committed to a diamond midfield. While I feel like Dejagah could function as a shuttler in that formation, it isn't the best use of his talents. If the squad really does play that way most of the time, he might be limited to a late game sub when chasing games and a more offensive formation is called for. He would have been a very high priced sub in the Championship. That doesn't even take into account all the wingers currently on the roster.

Dejagah was one of my favorite players last year. I love his effort and his skill. I love his song. I even love his horrible hair. I'm sad to see him go. But the price Fulham got was too good to pass up. Hopefully they can re-invest that money into someone who's more pressing. Say another CDM or a veteran goal keeper.

Let's all wish Dejagah good luck going forward though.