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Fulham release squad numbers, we play detective

Fulham released the list of squad numbers today. They probably mean nothing, but that won't stop us from trying to glean meaning from them all.

Ian Walton

We won't give the total list here. If you want to see it, the Fulham website has the entire list. However, we can look at the list and discuss what's there and maybe importantly what's missing. Does this foreshadow moves to come? Or perhaps even more importantly moves that might not happen.

The first thing that jumps out is that Bryan Ruiz, Kostas Mitroglou, and Maarteen Stekelenburg still have number assigned. This could be nothing. Perhaps the team doesn't want to yank their numbers in the off chance they end up staying with the club. Though perhaps it means they might just stay. With Ruiz and Stekelenburg especially, their numbers would be highly desirable. I'm not sure when the last time I've seen a club without a number 10 or a number 1. If they were to leave that would be exactly what would happen.

The second big thing is that Larnell Cole has no number. What does this mean? Does Magath not rate him? Is he likely to be loaned out? He's the one player missing that is quite surprising.

Finally it's nice to see that Ryan Williams, Sean Kavanagh, and Cameron Burgess get numbers for the first time this year.

All of this speculation probably means nothing, but what else can we do at this point of the season?