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Fulham News and Rumor Roundup

The World Cup is still going on, but now that my team is out; I'm ready to start focusing more on Fulham. This transfer season is one of the busiest I remember for the club. Plenty of signings already and more rumors than I've ever seen.

Sascha Steinbach

To start things off Fulham have made one new signing and extended the contract of two youth player. The new player coming in is Kay Vosser who signed from FC Basel. The deal is a two year with a further option for a third. He's only 27, so that should take him right to the end of his peak. From what I have found he can play either full back position which is good for the club, since they're weak in both areas. I have seen him play for Basel against Chelsea in the Champions League, but I can't say I remember him at all. Though, for a defender, that's often a good thing. As for the youth players Stephen Arthurworrey has signed a new deal with the club. I'm guessing he's still a year away from competing for first team playing time, but this does show the club has faith in him. Also signing a new deal is Lyle Della Verde.

In a deal that seems a little to crazy to happen, Fulham seems to be pursuing the Xhaka brothers. The younger of the two brothers and the real prize is Granit Xhaka. He's a 21 year old midfielder currently playing for Borussia Mochengladbach. It would probably take a hefty fee to pry him away. However, his older brother Taulant is only 23 and still with FC Basel. The older brother also plays in midfield but has been used at both fullback positions as well. The story seems to state that they want to be reunited. This wouldn't be the first time Fulham have signed a brother to keep a player happy (see the Riise brothers). However, I believe Granit is going to be too expensive for the club. Especially with all the other signings that are rumored.

The Ross McCormack saga just keeps going. First he didn't traveled with the team. Then he handed in a transfer request. This caused Leeds to issue a bizarre statement about the matter. The entire process seems designed for Leeds to put maximum blame on Fulham and the player and divert any attention from the fact that the need to sell and don't want to pay any big contracts. I actually expect this deal to get done soon. It will probably be announced at £10M, but that will be the maximum that Fulham would have to pay. I expect that it will include several add-ons for things like goals scored, appearances, and whether the team gets promoted. I expect the deal to be announced soon, as twitter is making it sound like it's nearly done:

In another contract that seems almost done Stefan Velkov is expected to join from Slavia Sofia. The 17 year old center back is expected to cost around £500K. He is very talented as he almost moved to Manchester United last year. A bad ankle injury though scared some other teams off. I'm not sure if he's ready to play for the first team yet, but having youth is always a good thing.

In a rumor I'd hoped to see come true, but now seems dead, it looks as if Jason Davidson will not be joining Fulham. His club Heracles have used their option to keep him for one more year and want to extend him even further. Even if they were willing to sell, with more time left on his contract, he just got more expensive. With the movement Fulham have made signing other fullbacks, I think we can call this deal dead.

Early it was reported that perhaps Fulham were going to keep both Bryan Ruiz and Konstantinos Mitroglou. It's looking more like Mtroglou is going to be leaving. My expectation is that the deal for Mitroglou and the deal for McCormick will be announced relatively close together.