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Fulham Show Their Ambition With The Signing Of Ross McCormack

Fulham Football Club just made a bold signing for a reported eleven million pounds for a striker. The commentary I have seen on social media this morning has been mostly centering around how much was spent, and did Fulham overpay for a player? Well, that is up for debate. However, the club has also indicated how badly they want to return to the Barclays Premier League right away. Fulham show their ambition with the signing of Ross McCormack.

Tim Keeton

On Tuesday morning, Fulham announced on their website, the signing of Ross McCormack for an undisclosed fee from Leeds United. It has been reported by several media outlets that the amount of the transfer fee is eleven million pounds. However, that figure is speculation, and we don't know the real details of the deal.

Could the deal be up to eleven million pounds if Fulham get promoted, or just a straight deal for that number? At this point, we just don't know the real amount so keep that in mind when reading stories about this transfer. Hopefully we will get more information on the McCormack transfer as time passes.

In the meantime, what the signing shows me is that Fulham are going for it in regards to getting the club back to the Barclays Premier League. McCormack scored 28 goals last season for Leeds in the Championship, so Fulham are getting a proven goal scorer in this Division. I feel one of the needs to get promoted is a striker that can score at a high rate, and McCormack very well could fit that role.

However, there is much more work that needs to be done for Fulham to get promoted. The biggest need for Fulham moving forward is a central midfielder, who can pass like former captain Danny Murphy was able to do on a consistent basis.

It is nice to have a proven goal scorer, but he needs service, and they need that piece of the puzzle filled next. Fulham might feel that one of the youngsters can fill that void, but they should try to get someone else as well from the outside, who has proven to be that type of player at a higher level.

The question of overpaying for McCormack should continue to dominate social media, along with the media in general. However, if McCormack scores like he did for Leeds United last season for Fulham this season, and the club gets promoted, it will be money that was spent very well.

Last year was devastating for Fulham and the supporters, but today we might have seen positive move for the club. The "ROAD TO PROMOTION" will take many turns for Fulham Football Club, but today they took a potential step forward with the signing of Ross McCormack.