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Bryan Ruiz headed for exit

The saga that is Ruiz and Fulham is finally headed for its final chapter; his sale is something we've sadly all waited for this summer and it was all just a question of when and where.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

When Bryan Ruiz was acquired by Martin Jol from FC Twente it was seen as a potential prize move. It was hailed praise and excitement as it was seen as an indication of trying to stay in that top half of the first division with a push forward. He was seen as an excellent playmaker reaching his prime at 26 with a precision boot that could score from range too.

Unfortunately despite some moments of excitement and our delusions of potential, Ruiz never quite found his rhythm or the right fit with the club. Confusion has consistently surrounded Ruiz as far as supporters are concerned with trying to best place him positional on the pitch.

Ruiz looks to be headed to Germany with a  €4m bid in bounds from Werder Berman. I'm not sure if it's a good fit or not and to be honest I kind of don't care. I'm a bit despondent with the whole ordeal. It feels as though many Fulham fans have a pretty nasty outlook on Ruiz and I largely think it's not quite a fair representation of him or his talents.

The argument has always been to compare his time with Costa Rica and the quality of his work. Since taking over Fulham, boss Felix Magath has been complimentary of his ability. Talking about his experience internationally and the two goals he scored in the World Cup helping to carry his club much further than previously thought possible.

I think it's fair to say that Werder Berman is getting a steal of a deal in the price compared to his skill level. But how he will integrate into the Bundesliga following problems with the Premier League leave it's fair share of skeptics in wake. Despite his full range of quality with ability a divorce between him and SW6 is simply a thing that needed to happen. Which is sad in a lot of ways.

Best wishes, Bryan. I hope you can finally be seen for the talent you are.