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It's Called A Losing Streak: Fulham trampled by Rams 5-1

Okay, those positive signs that we saw the first two matches of the season are no longer present and things are looking less bright and shiny.

This is the balls perspective throughout the second half
This is the balls perspective throughout the second half
Justin Setterfield

Losing is bad. Losing is the type of terrible thing that diminishes accomplishments, isolates the future and errodes true perception. This is the instinctual result of failure. That's not to say that failure is a loss on the road but specifically because you did not achieve what you set out to do.

The good vibes that most of us had at the start of the Millwall match. Some still maintained them afterwards. Many saw those reverberations quiet after the rough loss to Wolves. Whatever positivity there was associated with Fulham two weeks ago is near gone and that's not something that's going to be recovered after nap or a long rest.

This was the type of drumming that gets people fired and regardless of whatever assuredly positive thing Shahid Khan says in support of his manager it's going to be a long Sunday for Felix Magath between thinking about what happened and deflecting media controversy.

Derby County worked Jesse Joronen hard and for the first time the young Norwegian looked overwhelmed at the Championship level. It's not to say he was without his moments or that he was directly responsible for 5 goals. He wasn't. Cameron Burgess has a bit to do with that, Sean Kavanagh too. The left side looked especially thin with Konstantinos Stafylidis bombing forward and failing to drop back to support in enough time.

Cauley Woodrow's high workrate is great but he didn't show much class up on top and it felt like the feats of Ross McCormack were just empty opportunities. Ryan Williams show speed to find and get to balls quickly with five interceptions on the day and Nikolay Bodurov continues to dominate both aerial (leading both sides in duels won)  and cleaning up loose balls (10 effective clearances) in the box.

Patrick Roberts was a nice cup of... something, still not quite sure what, and Tim Hoogland had ups and downs through a match that we ended up losing 5-1.

I know people on twitter seemed excited enough for Alexander Kacaniklic and his 2014 debut. He created some nice enough crosses but all were cut down prior to being anything really dangerous. Would have liked to see him cut inside and taken a couple of shots. It was overall an okay first showing from him but nothing that really screams "why have you been burying me on the bench?".

We can target "players" being played out of position or some peculiar starting selections but his half time adjustments were pretty on point and really he put out a half decent side this afternoon. You could claim you want to see David, which is fair, but I don't know if David would have fixed things. You could have wanted Shaun Hutchinson to start over Burgess but I'm not sure the prevents two goals from being converted.

There was all of 4 omissions (David, Hyndman, Burn and Rodallega)  from the starting line-up you the supporter voted for and what Magath sent out against Derby County. Which speaks to the bit of disconnect between the actual fan base and the front office.

It's interesting that David now missed out on the last two matches and that after only seeing the first 45 minutes of Millwall. People have been calling it a freeze out but is it really? Are there injuries we don't know about? Are there situations that Magath is privy to that he's kept from our purview?  There might but today sucked and some things need to come to light. There has been far too much that has left the supporters scratching their heads and we deserve some frank and honest answers.

Enough of my rant. In an effort to turn this site into more of a community I'm posting another post match survey. How do YOU rate the players? Rank them and then leave comments down below and we can have a chat about how awful things are right now.