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Can a rivalry exist with fifteen years between matches? Three questions about Brentford FC with Beesotted

Brentford is traditionally a local rival for Fulham. Though I'd wager much of the Fulham fan base doesn't remember the last time they played. If it wasn't enough to get two league games against them this year, Fulham are now travelling there again to take them on in the League Cup. To find out more about Brentford, I sat down with the crew from Besotted to preview the match.

Justin Setterfield

Cottagers Confidential: Brentford and Fulham are only about 6 miles apart and traditionally have been rivals. However this will be the first time the two clubs have played since 1998. I myself don't even remember the last game. Does this rivalry still mean anything to Brentford supporters?

Besotted: Yes the rivalry is very real. We all know football is cyclical, but just because you've enjoyed a few years in the sun, it doesn't dilute historical rivalries. Most right thinking fans know that we are the same kind of people, from the same neck of the woods; traditional working class football fans: whether or not your younger fans are aware, or your hoards tourist supporters, who knows... 'Bees up Fulham Down' will be ringing around Griffin Park tomorrow night, for sure.

CC: This fixture is important to Fulham if only because their form recently has been so awful that they need either a good result or to lose bad enough so that Magath is sacked. How important is it to Brentford? Would you rather take the Cup a little less seriously to focus on the league?

Besotted: It's not that important if the truth be told apart for bragging rights... Our League campaign is the be all and end all... But you have become a bit of a shambles and we are hoping to take advantage of the fact the players seem to be playing to get your manager sacked. From the outside looking in, the combination of your chairman and manager highlights all that is bad about the modern game: neither really care about the soul of Fulham Football Club.

CC: How far do you think this Brentford team can get in the league this year? In the league cup?

Besotted: We are probably more concerned by the thought of Fulham fielding a young team... They'll probably play their hearts out... We are capable of winning tomorrow, no doubt about that, then who knows... as I say, the League Cup isn't a priority, but it's been entertaining so far, a 6-6 draw in Round One, then drawing your mob.

CC: Finally, could you predict a lineup and result?

Besotted: I think we will field a strong side... Odibajio is doubtful, Craig is suspended and Forshaw looks set to move to Wigan, looking forward to seeing Jotta and Pritchard linking up in the middle... As for a prediction, 2-2 draw the a Beed win in extra time!

Special thanks to the team behind Beesotted for doing this on such short notice. Make sure you stop by, or give their Youtube channel a gander.