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Precognation Confedential V: your starting XI

You have spoken as to how you think the club should line-up against Cardiff City

Charlie Crowhurst

This again is a community project where we take time to select who we think is the best player for the job. You vote a couple days prior to the game and on game day I tell you who the community voted to start. Let's get to it!

Last week it was pretty clear cut. This week everyone kind of shifted slightly in their opinions but did so as a whole of a community in the same direction.Which I have to say is kind of cool. Let's brake down how the community (or the 68 people voted) and how they are thinking right now.


Last week Jesse Joronen had 90% of the vote. Post Derby and Brentford this week it would seem Marcus Bettinelli has stolen much of the good will that was originally pointed at Joronen. An interesting side note is that I added Gabor Kirlay as an option and he, even with no negative experience with the supporters, got less votes than Joronen. I would wager that the supporters as a whole are about as excited about him as I am... which isn't much.


Not surprising to me that you all love Konstantinos Stafylidis. I love him too. I thought I heard his loan came with the possibility of a transfer or purchase option. I hope that is the case. Building off his performance in the Capital One Cup, much like Bettinelli, Dan Burn get's your selection at centre half.

Now the difference between Nikolay Bodurov and Shaun Hutchinson wasn't much (actually, 7 whole votes) but it was Bodurov who actually captured the start and I'm glad that you guys sided that way. He's been probably the best player on the club this year despite the 4 losses.

Right back was kind of an interesting out come. Tim Hoogland had 34% of the vote while Kay Voser took 61%. Obviously some out there voted for both on a couple of occasions which is interesting and it makes me wonder if when you voted for Hoogland you saw him as your right back or just a better than a blah option some where else.


The midfield with Chris David and then Scotty Parker is obvious. David has been phenomenal when he has actually been selected but his minutes for whatever reason have been sparse--it's clear you all feel he needs the start today, good call. Parker--I just wrote about him yesterday... or well, it was published today. He's still good.

After Parker is Emerson Hyndman. The youthful American gets an easy nod with a solid 64% of the vote. The last spot was, again, kind of a toss up between Hoogland (making a second appearance) and Thomas Eisfeld with the difference being 4 votes. Hoogland obviously


McCormack is really starting to endear himself to the supporters winning a near perfect selection. Woodrow won the second selection quite handily and it appears that, at least for this week, you all are starting to settle in on who you prefer up top.

An XI of yours

Leave your comments down below!