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Fulham earn first point, draw Cardiff at home 1-1

Luck is still no bedfllow to the Whites but they managed to earn a point today.

Harry Engels

Fulham was good today. Really, good. It wasn't even the good that we saw to begin the season. It was the type of good that leaves you with a sense that there is still plenty of season left to play. The feeling that it's still early and the fact that there is still 40+ matches left this season. There is plenty of time to swing a return to form and see this club become what many of us thought was possible from the start, to become a challenger for a playoff spot.

There feels like a lot to take away from this match. Partially because we saw a return to that dominating form that the club put on display just a few short weeks ago at Portman Road. Partially because they got their first points of in league play. Either way there seems to be hope here where nearly 6 days there was none.

It's obviously not the result that we wanted. It certainly was not the result that we deserved. But little by little things are coming around to our favor. Today, let's just be content with the fact that Fulham managed to get a point of this match. Something that was going to be difficult because Cardiff is a legit and talented side. Home or not, pulling points from these matches are vital to the success of the season.

Below are the player ratings, please participate and let us know what you think. We'll discuss more on the players later this week.