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Kit Symons holds his first press conference, Fulham supporters swoon. Listen for yourself

Kit Symons says all the right things in his first press conference.

You can listen to the audio of the press conference here. For me the highlights include:

  • Everyone wants stability and he aims to be the one to give stability.
  • He would like to be a manager full time and feels he's ready. This answers a huge question for me. I was never sure if he his ambition was to be a first team manager or if he was more interested in working with youth. He's 100% committed to trying to get the job full time.
  • His training strategy sounds sane (which is a big change from Magath). He has an attacking day, a defending day, and days to work on set pieces. Hopefully no more running up mountains.
  • He is reaching out to fans and understand the family atmosphere that Fulham has.
  • He refused to throw anyone under the bus for the problems at the club. You just know Magath wouldn't have been so kind.
  • He doesn't seem opposed to the idea of bringing in Danny Murphy as an assistant if he were to be given the job full time.
  • He's talked to Bryan Ruiz and seems willing to bring him back into the squad.
Here is some of the reaction from around the interwebs. Almost everything I saw was abolutely glowing.