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Reports: Kit Symons can secure managerial post with win over Bolton Wanderers

Kit Symons has won two of his first three matches. If he were to win three out of four, he could have Fulham out of the relegation zone. Could that be enough to give him the job full time?

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Mike Hewitt

report in the Telegraph says that Kit Symons is in the pole position to take over the Fulham manager position full time. The article states that he is the top choice of some influential board members. Even though Shahid Khan promised a thorough search, another win could make Mr. Symons a hard man to replace.

I myself am beginning to be swayed into his favor. Since he's been in charge the positivity from the fans has been immense. It's like a dark cloud has been lifted. And even the players seem to realize it. To a man they seem happier now. Hugo Rodallega said as much in this quote:

Everything has changed inside the group. I'm happier now, the guys are happier and everyone is enjoying their training sessions.

This is important because in the last two or three months we don't feel good.

Now Kit Symons has come in and we are doing better and will try and win the next game.

He wants the team happy, he wants us to enjoy training sessions. He wants us to enjoy playing every game for Fulham.

Symons has a lot going for him. He played for Fulham for over 100 matches. He was on the team that was promoted from League One to the Championship and the team that was promoted from the Championship to the Premier League. He also spent one solid midtable season with Fulham in the Championship. He should have the knowledge of what it takes to win at this level.

He's also been a Fulham coach for sometime. He has worked with Dan Burn, Marcus Bettinelli, Chris David, Lasse Vigen Christensen, Cauley Woodrow, Moussa Dembele, and Emerson Hyndman before. Of all the people who would know which players are capable of contributing now and which need more seasoning, he'd be the best one to ask.

It's probably too late for Fulham to expect promotion next season. On average, 72 points is a target for the playoff spots, with 68 being the low over the last five years. Fulham would need to gain 67 points in their last 37 games to get to 72. That's not impossible. It's 1.81 points per game from here on out. If you thought Fulham had the talent to get into the top two, you might expect them to be able to hit that mark (that would have been an 83 point season). However, just getting close to a playoff spot would be an achievement. With one of the youngest squads in the division, Fulham could easily get much better going into next season. If Symons is allowed to grow with the club, the could grow into a force.

Looking at all the available data, I'd be quite happy if Kit Symons was given the permanent job.