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Chairman Shahid Khan names a five-person search committee to review candidates for the next manager

As much as I'm in the bag for Kit Symons, due diligence should always be done. This seems to be a positive move by Khan. There are people here who know football and maybe more importantly they know the club and the supporters.

Jamie McDonald

The full announcement is on the Fulham website. The five-person committee is made up of: David Daly, Huw Jennings, Brian McBride, Danny Murphy, and Niall Quinn.

Daly is Senior Director of Club and Federation business at Nike and a Fulham fan. I must admit that I had never heard about him before today. However, he knows the business and sponsorship side of the game. He also is a season ticket holder even though he's based in Amsterdam. I wonder is this portends a move to Nike from Adidas going forward?

We all know Huw Jennings.  He's the man who's made Fulham's academy what it is. Before that he's the one that built Southampton's academy into what it is. Jennings inclusion shows that Khan knows the importance of the academy and the youth going forward. I'm hoping that Jennings pushes for a manager who knows how to manage the youth and continues to integrate them into the club.

Brian McBride is one of the reasons I'm a Fulham fan. I became a fan of his in the 2002 World Cup and the first time I ever heard Fulham mentioned was when he transferred there. Brian is a club legend and former captain. He still interacts with supporters. I have no doubt he loves the club and wants what is best for it

Does Danny Murphy need an introduction? He's another Fulham captain who was there for some of the highest highs of Fulham. He was there for the great escape, the Europa league run, and much success. The club still has never replaced him on the pitch. As a recently retired player, he's going to have a good understanding of what the players want from a manager.

Niall Quinn is probably the biggest wild card, but also the appointment that I believe says that Khan gets this the most. His connection to Fulham is tenuous at best (he briefly played for the Fulham academy). Quinn is important because he has experience as an owner and chairman of a club in just this position. In his time at Sunderland he had the acumen to step aside as manager, hire the right man for the job and salvage a season getting them promoted. No one doubts Khan's business sense, but English Football is a business like few others. Niall Quinn knows exactly how it works and has the experience running a club on a day to day basis. Putting him on the committee shows that Khan is aware that he needs help in this regard.

I'm still pulling for Kit Symons, and at least a few of these committee members are probably going to agree. But with the international break coming and still plenty of time before the Winter Transfer Window, the club have the time to get this right. And they really can't afford to fail again. I'm glad there is a good process in place and the process is at least semi-transparent. This is a good sign that Khan really gets it this time.