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The Stubborn Curse - Knowing When To Mix It Up

3 successive losses sees Fulham stumble into 18th position, but will Symons learn from his predecessor's mistakes.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Help; we need change

It all started back with Martin Jol, an experienced top-tier coach, who without doubt had lost his touch. The Fulham team looked dull and the fans knew it, and it was unquestionable that an injection of life was needed. To summarize... that wish never came true.

The change comes but the trigger is pulled

We therefore move on to Rene Meulensteen. He mixed things up. He took Fulham leaps and bounds away from the dullness of Jol's reign, and it was all coming together nicely... That is until Khan pulled the trigger. A draw away to United and a bitter 3-2 defeat to a top-class Liverpool side left Rene down and out. His innovation set an example to follow, and again we moved on.

The German dictatorship

Up steps Felix Magath, a manager hailed as a German legend, working miracles on weak sides. But we went back to that 'cursed' state which Jol had implemented. There were no exciting little changes, let alone drastic big ones. Magath simply sat in his chair and let the losses flow in. It was all 'same-old, same-old' as his repeated excuses became part of his falling reputation. We were left in a ditch when he was finally removed from his mortal coil. And you can all guess who is up next:

The man currently holding the reigns

None other than Kit Symons. A man whose job it had been to excite, taking charge of promising new players in the youth teams and developing magicians like Patrick Roberts. It would be a surprise, therefore, if he took to life as First Team Manager with a dull attitude. Well, ladies and gentlemen, after a few months of such prosperity and hope, 3 losses in a row with 0 goals scored sees our humble club falling back into the Jol/Magath state.

The Escape Plan

It's January and we all know what that means. Kit has an opportunity to bring new life into Fulham Football Club, and it feels as though we have been blessed by the gods for a transfer period to fall at a time as bleak as this. With Regan Poole and Aron Davies already confirming their arrival at Fulham, Symons will have his hands on the cash as he looks to spend correctly.

The Stubborn Curse is falling on Kit and it's clear to see that with just 5 squad changes in 3 losses. The stats don't lie, and 0 goals in 4 competitive matches shows a lack of creativity. We just have to hope and pray that this January he finds the antidote, whether that be a player or a genius tactical move by him.