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Kit Symons: Let's make it four

Kit recaps the Forest match, talks about a trip to the Stadium of Light, updates us on a couple of injured players, and gives hints to transfer action.

Like all of us Kit was pretty happy with the play of the squad in the first half, but thought they made it hard on themselves in the second half. You can tell he wasn't happy with some of the play in the second half and rightly so.

There will be squad rotation going into the FA Cup. Scott Parker may not be fit to travel on the weekend and they'd much rather have him fit for Blackburn than rush him back for Sunderland. Sean Kavanagh is still out due to stitches in his knee. He won't be available for Sunderland. Even with squad rotation, he expects a strong performance against Sunderland. Normally, I'd be one to kind of punt on the FA Cup. However with the playoffs a strong possibility and most of the youngsters already playing I think a cup run could be valuable and would give the team something to build on going into next season.

When asked about the transfer window, he stated that the team is very close to bringing someone in on loan. He wouldn't say who, but he made it sound like it was imminent. There are still a couple of players that could leave as well. I'm guessing Ruiz is one (already rumors surrounding him), but the second is a mystery. Amorebieta perhaps?

He signs off by leaving us with this gem:

Winning games of football is a great habit to be in... let's go and make it four.