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Why Do You Support Fulham Football Club?

Have you been asked why you support Fulham? I still get asked this from time to time, and I know several of you face this question as well. Here is a story that just happened on Sunday, that I wanted to share with you.

Phil Cole/Getty Images

I had a very interesting dinner with my family at Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday here in the Boston area in the U.S.. We thought we would go there to eat, and also watch the NFL Playoff game.

Well, after our waiter took our order, another waiter came to our table, and was just shaking his head and said " why Fulham"? Obviously, I was wearing my Fulham shirt, and he was very surprised to see someone wearing that team shirt.

He wanted to know why I support Fulham, and I told him how it began with Clint Dempsey. He was also shocked that I continued to support Fulham after Dempsey left the team a few seasons ago.

I have said this many times that Dempsey brought me to Fulham, and that helped me finally find my team in England. If Dempsey did not move to Fulham, I probably would never have become a supporter, so I will always be thankful he made the move. I understand that some fans could follow a team for a player, but that is just not me.

He was an Arsenal supporter, and what was funny is that he did not know if they wonon Sunday, and I told him the result for his club in the FA Cup. We then discussed Arsenal, and I could tell he was pleasantly surprised how much I knew about his club.

Lastly, he was staring at my shirt, because he did not know that Fulham had a player named "Goldman" on their team. Now, that part made laugh as I wish I had played for Fulham.

In the end he was a nice, and told me I should come back some time to watch the Premier League matches. The real funny part of this story has to be that this guy was not even our waiter!

This story is a reminder for me that I need to continue to talk about the club to whoever will listen. It is a wonderful club, and it truly feels like a family that is made up of the players, management, and the supporters. Like a family, there will be good and bad times, but we are all in this together.

I am "Fulham Till I Die", and will continue to spread the message of the club I love.