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Should we bring back this ex player?

Andy Johnson has been released by Crystal Palace, is he worth a punt again?

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

He didn't have the best of times during his spell at Fulham, constantly hampered by injury and never coming close to recreating his prolific form at Palace previously. However he did score a hat trick at home against QPR, one of the fondest days in my supporting memory.

We aren't lacking in strikers, in fact it's probably our strongest position and one of the few areas filled with experience. Would one more old head (he's only 33) be of use this season. He's a poacher with a proved eye for goal and could be a danger for any defence coming off the bench even if he doesn't have the pace that posed such a threat a few years ago. He might also be a perfect role model for someone like Moussa Dembele, someone with all the attributes to be a real star striker who just seems to lack a bit of football intelligence, making the wrong run or decision at the crucial time.

Or is he a has been who's best days are far behind him...

As always have your say in the comments, maybe not the first of our former players i'd like to have back, but for free and possibly a pay to play contract I can't see any harm in a deal being done.