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Bryan Ruiz headed out?

This should shock no one. It's actually a surprise he's still at Fulham after his World Cup performance

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Bryan Ruiz is a polarizing figure. He may be the most talented player in the Championship. He lead the small nation of Costa Rica to the quarter finals of the World Cup. He's done amazing things at Fulham. Yet, there are still a lot of Fulham supporters who don't rate him at all.

Some of that's because he's been played out of position. He's not a striker. He's not a winger. He's pretty close to a true number 10. Playing him as a CAM in a 4-2-3-1 is ideal, but he also works at the tip of a diamond. He can create magic on the pitch. But certain people only see him not running hard, giving the ball away, or falling down too easily.

Frankly, I expected him to go in the summer window. Especially when Magath seemed not to favor him at all. Kit has used him plenty, but sounds like a man who knows Bryan will be leaving soon:

There’s not been an offer as such, but interest, and I expect there to be interest in a lot of our players, because if not it means we've got a lot of players nobody wants.

Bryan’s situation was made quite definite to me when I first took over, and he is possibly looking to move on. If it came about we would sit down and discuss it, but he is a player we have an option to add on an extra year.

That sounds like a man who understands how valuable Ruiz is, but knows that having an unhappy player might not be the best thing. Plus, they do have options. Chris David was tapped to play that creative role before the season, and has shown flashes of brilliance. Thomas Eisfield is talented and might be able to re-create some Ruiz magic while providing more defensive steel.

I'll be sad to see Ruiz go if in fact he does. He has long been one of my favorite players. I'll continue to follow him and root for him wherever he ends up. Except of course when Costa Rica plays the USA.