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Fulham vs Leeds United Preview: Three questions with Through It All Together

SB Nation's Through It All Together covers all things Leeds United. Who better to help preview this midweek fixture?

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Is it good or bad to play a club in a time of turmoil? Fulham are about to find out. Leeds is in a weird spot and we're not sure what to expect from this match.

Cottagers Confidential: Leeds United is kind of a sleeping giant in English Football. Recently though there has been all sorts of off the field issues with money and ownership. What's the current situation in that regard?

Through It All Together: Well, for me, this season seemed really promising and calm during the summer break, but now, thanks to Mr. Cellino, The Whites are once again in turmoil. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate his passion towards the club, but he is too often driven by his emotions. That is no way to lead a club. But, since the ownership and money problems have been resolved, the only thing left to take care of is Cellino’s temper and the giant would be slowly waking up.

CC: Leeds were comfortably mid-table last year, and have settled in there again this year. Is there an expectation that you'll finish higher or lower, or is mid-table what you'd expect?

TIAT: With Uwe and the way he could get our youngsters to work, I was quietly hoping for a high place in the league table. Now, under the new manager, I’m not really sure what will happen, so I’ll expect a result similar to the one from the last season and hope for a better one at the same time.

CC: Leeds has just sacked another manager. Why? Who do you expect to be in charge this week? Do you have any idea how they'll play?

TIAT: As I said, it’s mainly because of our owners Italian temper. The team looked well, the morale was high, and most of the players were happy. But, since we’ve had some bad luck mixed with a bit tough schedule, the results were poor. I wasn’t happy with the outcomes of our games, but I trusted Uwe. I think that Steve Evans won’t be making many changes before the next game, but in the future I hope that we’ll play with two strikers more often.

CC: Predicted lineup and score?

TIAT: My predicted lineup would be the same as the previous one, maybe with Byram instead of Wooton. Here goes: Silvestri, Byram, Bamba, Cooper, Berardi, Cook, Adeyemi, Mowatt, Botaka, Wood, Dallas

The score line would be 1:0 for the Whites as I strongly feel that we’ll try to sit deep and defend (that was our main concern under Rosler and Evans might want to fix that first). The only goal of the game will come from a set piece. All in all, I predict a really static game.