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Fulham vs Bristol City Preview: Three questions with The Bristol City Supporters Club and Trust

I knew next to nothing about Bristol City before this week. Who better to help with that than the fine people at The Bristol City Supporters Club and Trust.

Harry Trump/Getty Images
Cottagers Confidential: Bristol City had a fairly comfortable promotion last year. This year though, you're only one point ahead of the relegation places with a fairly large negative goal differential. What kind of expectations did you have before the season, and how are you feeling about the season now and going forward?
Bristol City Supporters Club and Trust: Last season was an amazing one off, at least in my lifetime I think! Before the season started I said i'd be happy to just stay up in the championship and consolidate ourselves for a year or two. I'd still be happy with that. I'm not being big headed when I say we were too good for League One, with the squad we had, and so i'm glad we got out of there when we did. Getting out of there in the way we did was just a massive bonus! As for how things are going, despite the results not going our way (some of which hasn't been in our own hands) the performances for the most part have been pretty good, I'm not worried we'll go down again, and I think the Fulham fans will see when we meet, that our league position isn't an accurate reflection of how we have been playing, and I think given a few more games, things will swing back in our favour and we'll start climbing the table.
CC: It's been nearly 18 years since Fulham and Bristol City last played, and it's been over 25 years since Bristol City last defeated Fulham. That's long enough so that many supporters may have no memories of those matches at all. How familiar are you with Fulham and what should Fulham supporters know about this Bristol City squad.
BCSCT: 18 years wow! I've been watching City since the late 90's, and knew we hadn't played you for a long while, but I had no idea it was since roughly the time I started watching my lot. As for Fulham, I think a lot of city fans are looking forward to coming to Craven Cottage next year, as it's one of those proper old fashioned grounds. (I mean that in the best way) You've had a better start to the season than us, but then who hasn't in terms of results! You've ground out some decent results so far this season, and i'm sure Saturday's game will be a cracking encounter. When it comes to us, well, I'd watch out for Jonathan Kodjia, who has been excellent since he arrived from France in the summer. Also young Joe Bryan, born and bred here in Bristol was a stalwart in our team last season, and is likely to start on Saturday due to other injuries. The best thing about our team though is the spirit amongst the lads, they are all very close, and want to play for each other.
CC: This is going to be the first trip to Ashton Gate Stadium for many of the travelling supporters. Is there anything they should know about making the trip and the stadium itself?
BCSCT: Hopefully you are all aware that Ashton Gate is now halfway through a major redevelopment. The oldest stand at the ground, which until last season away fans would have been housed in has been replaced by a shiny new one. The Williams stand was pulled down in the summer, and is now in the process of being rebuilt. That stand when finished, will be twice the height of the new South Stand. I think fans will be quite shocked at just how high the stand is going to be, and already when you come on Saturday you will have a clear idea of just how big it will be! Bear in mind that there is lots of work going on at the ground, also parking can be a bit of a 'mare (as they say in Bristol) due to our lovely (not!) red trousered mayor who is in the process of introducing very unpopular residents parking zones across the City, and the latest one is around the stadium. So bear that in mind when you park! You'll be in the Atyeo Stand (named after John Atyeo, probably our most famous player) which has had virtually nothing done to it in terms of redevelopment. Bring your loudest voices with you though, as you share the stand with the more vocal City fans, who have gathered together in one area to try and improve the atmosphere for the whole stadium.
CC: Predicted lineup and score?
BCSCT: As for a line up, I'd say Steve will likely stick with the same 11 from Monday night as he's a superstitious sod, however Joe Bryan will come in in place of Baker who unfortunately did his hamstring on Monday. Score, i'm gonna go for a 1-1 draw, but i'd obviously prefer a home win!
Everyone at he Bristol City Supporters Club and Trust would you like you to know that on Saturday at 11:30 in the new Sports Bar in the South Stand, the Supporters Club and Trust will be officially unveiling a replica of the Atyeo Statue that will be made and installed at the ground when all the redevelopment is finished next August. We have been lucky enough to have appointed Tom Murphy as our sculptor. He has been commissioned for various other notable work, including the Bill Shankly sculpture at Anfield. If you get a chance you should see it. Though I may not walk into the bar wearing Fulham colors on Saturday.