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Mike Rigg talks about hiring a new manager

How was the decision to let Kit go made? What are they looking for in a new man? Mike Rigg has answers.

Richard Sellers, Ben Hoskins, Mark Thompson, Denis Doyle, Alex Livesey, Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There's nothing groundbreaking to be learned from this interview, but there are a few highlights.

Kit and Mike had had a conversation about what would be expected going forward and were prepared for this from the beginning. They new in the Summer what position they wanted to be in at this point in time. They realized after the Birmingham game that there were still enough games left and their position was still such that they could get into the top six.

They're not going for a manager. They want a head coach. The aim of the head coach is to control everything that goes on on the pitch. The head coach is still involved in the whole process however. Mike Rigg's job is to create a strategy that supports the coach. It sounds like the coach lays out what he wants, Mike Rigg will ask questions and decisions will be made to help the coach as much as they can.

The club has a vision for the kind of person that they want. They're looking for someone with a proven track record. Which means you shouldn't expect a left field candidate and explains all the rumored candidates they've been after.

The international break gives them two weeks to get this done. They would like to have someone in time for MK Dons. It's business as usual for the players with Curbishley running training, but the club won't commit to him as a caretaker if they don't have a new hire in place before the next match.