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Fulham vs MK Dons Preview: Three questions with The MooCamp

Since we don't have a new manager to talk about, maybe we can talk about MK Dons with The MooCamp

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Fulham doesn't currently have a manager. You do have a manager, what can you tell us about Karl Robinson?

The MooCamp: He's something of a god round these parts for all right-thinking fans - he's been with us for five and a half years (as gaffer, plus previous spells with Ince), and he's got a job for life if he wants it. Previously youngest manager in the league, he's aged about 20 years since he took the job, so isn't any more. He's the third longest serving manager in the English leagues, and the only way that's going to change is if Tisdale or Wenger dies. (Or he leaves of course, but we're doing badly enough to feel safe at the moment. )

We're a unique club, with a unique fanbase (read that however you want), but Robbo 'gets' us. He's committed to the club in a way that we have no right to deserve, and that goes the other way too - we're in it together, we're building something together, and that's the way we like it. If we don't manage to stay up, I fully expect him to be here next season.

Let me give you an example of why he's thought of so highly. We had a supporters association do about 18 months ago. He came along, with the chairman and others, which I know in itself wouldn't happen at many clubs. He bought his family with him, and while the rest of the bigwigs sensibly moved on, he stayed to the end, and before the end of the evening, he went round EVERY person there, shook them by the hand and said goodbye.

He got us up, without ever having the right resources to be able to do that, but great as that was, it's the other stuff that makes him ours. He likes to play football too, which is another big tick of course. I know he'll leave, maybe soon, and someday I hope he gets the Liverpool job, which is his aim. While he's here, I'm just going to get on and worship him :-)

CC: This will be Fulham's first ever trip to Milton Keynes. Any advise for the travelling fans who make the trip?

TMC: A few things - wrap up warm - it's gonna be freezing. If you're driving, don't park in Asda - they've got cameras. Make some noise - it really helps us when there's some sustained noise from a big away following, and I think you're supposed to be bringing a few thousand. Savour the stadium - it's pretty good at this level.

CC: This is the highest the club has ever been. What would you consider a good result for the season?

TMC: I'll settle for a last minute scrappy "in off Lewie's face" equaliser on the last day of the season at home against Forest that secures 21st place. We're so far off the money in this league that survival would be a massive achievement. I actually think we'll stay up, and we'll be safe with about five games - finishing in about 17th.