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Fulham vs Birmingham City Preview: Three questions

We sit down for a quick chat with Often Partisan to discuss Birmingham City.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Birmingham City are in sixth place, but winless in the last three. You have the same goal differential as Fulham. There are still financial stability questions surrounding the club. All of that being said, how do you feel the season is going, and what do you expect from here on out?

Often Partisan: Personally, I think the season is going fairly well. We've had a poor couple of games but it's to be expected - players who can consistently perform for 46 games a season aren't going to be available at the prices we can afford. There's a few grumbles about the size of our squad but I think most are happy to be winning more often than losing.

CC: Gary Rowett has been in charge for just over a year now. How are supporters responding to him and what kind of style does he have?

OP: Rowett is not the messiah - but he's not a very naughty boy either. He demands a lot of organisation in his team - players know their roles and rather than playing with the bulk of possession he concentrates on quick, pacy attacks - which can be exciting although I think some fans would rather see us have more of the ball, especially at home.

CC: If Fulham could steal one player from your side, who would it be? If you could steal one player from Fulham, who would you take?

OP: I figure you're asking who the best Blues players are here - in which case you'd be looking at Clayton Donaldson who I believe is the best lone striker in the division, or maybe Demarai Gray who is our hot teenage prospect.

We need a centre back badly - can we have Dan Burn back? I've always liked Alexander Kacaniklic since I saw him as a kid at Liverpool and I think your second version of Moussa Dembele is pretty decent too.

CC: If you could also predict a scoreline and lineup that would be great.

OP: Lineup: Kuszczak, Caddis, Spector, Morrison, Grounds, Davis, Gleeson, Cotterill, Toral, Gray, Donaldson.

Scoreline: 1-1